Client Christmas Party – Jamberoo Action Park

jamberoo-2016-13On Saturday 3 December, 300 participants, their family and friends from The Disability Trust went to Jamberoo Action Park for our Christmas celebration hosted by the park. CEO Dax Eddy and the team from Jamberoo Action Park did such a great job of looking after everyone on the day, making sure a great experience was had by all who attended. Highlights included the brilliant rides at the park and the BBQ lunch. It was great to see so many participants having lots of fun with their friends and being able to connect with one another outside of their weekly programs. It was also great to catch up with all the families on the day and see their siblings having so much fun together. This has become an annual event for participants from our Sport & Recreation service in the Illawarra and we are deeply appreciative to Jamberoo Action Park for making this end of year celebration possible for our participants and their families.

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