Self Managed Services

The Disability Trust’s Self Managed Services allows you to have more control over your funding. We can work with you to tailor a plan of support that is unique and will help you achieve a positive vision for the future. You can determine the support that is right for you with a clearer focus and with you at the centre of all action and decision making.

Why Choose Self Managed?

Options – perhaps you don’t feel you fit into or want the centre-based model of support and are looking for an alternative.

Flexibility – development of a personalised plan based on your abilities, strengths, passions, interests and needs.

Choice & Control – you, and/or your chosen representatives, make decisions about how your plan is tailored to you.

Accessibility – you are able to understand the system and your program.

Individual Budget – you know and decide how your money (funding) is being used to support you.

Training – you, and/or your representative(s), develop the skills, knowledge and capacity to manage your package.

Your Team – you decide who to involve in your plan including the staff that are employed. You decide where and when they are needed.

Who Can Self Manage?

Anyone with an individualised funding arrangement can be part of The Trust’s Self Managed Services. Currently this includes:

  • Community Participation
  • Life Choices
  • Active Ageing
  • Supported Living Fund
  • Individual Accommodation Support Packages (IASP)

The Disability Trust’s Self Managed Services provide:

  • A facilitator to help navigate the system, understand the program and develop your self managing skills
  • Personalised planning throughout your time with The Trust
  • Recruitment support for finding and employing your staff
  • Networks and information sharing opportunities
  • The flexibility and independence to help you successfully achieve your goals.

For further information please call 1300 797 443