Cindy feeds the fish.

Feeding the fish a fun way for Cindy to contribute

Sometimes it’s the little tasks which can make a massive difference in someone’s life.

Cindy is a participant in The Disability Trust’s Goulburn programs and earlier this year she took on the duties of feeding the fish in the tank at the office on a daily basis.

Every day, just before 3pm, she reminds the staff that it’s time to tend to the hungry mouths in the tank and she takes great delight in scattering the flakes on the surface for the fish to gobble up.

The Disability Trust’s Goulburn SLES Facilitator, Naomi Douglas, said Cindy, who is in a wheelchair, has perfected the process.

“Cindy’s process is she will line herself up next to the tank, raise her chair to the right height and slide the lid open,” Naomi explained.

“I will put the food in the fish food container lid then Cindy will scrape it out into the tank with her fingers, then slide the lid closed and lower her chair again.

“Cindy gets such joy out of feeding the fish and we talk about it several times every day.

“It really is giving Cindy a purpose and responsibility – she absolutely loves it and tells everyone about her special job.”

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