SES volunteers.

Making a difference in Ulladulla by volunteering with the SES

A dedicated group of 13 participants from The Disability Trust in Ulladulla have been embracing the power of community spirit by volunteering with their local State Emergency Service unit for the past year.

Their dedication and hard work have been a big help to the local SES crew in a range of ways.

They have helped in the important task of filling sandbags and distributing them to residents and businesses in the area as a safeguard against water damage in the event of flooding.

Maintaining the SES vehicles is another vital aspect of the volunteer work undertaken by The Disability Trust participants, which is usually done by 3-5 volunteers at a time on a fortnightly basis.

Regular checks and thorough cleaning guarantee that these essential resources are always ready for any emergency.

Beyond the physical tasks, they have also contributed significantly in the SES office in Ulladulla.

They have laminated important documents and completed a variety of administrative support tasks to help keep the SES operations running smoothly.

Another key area where they have been lending a hand is in stocktaking – ensuring that all supplies are accounted for and ready when needed.

The participants thrive on being active in the community and the sense of camaraderie and purpose they experience is immeasurable.

Knowing that their efforts are appreciated and that they play an essential role in keeping Ulladulla safe fills them with pride and motivation.

The work they have done not only prepares them for the challenges ahead but also strengthens the bond they share with their fellow volunteers and the broader community.

The Disability Trust’s Ulladulla Day Options Team Leader, Nadja Malek said the partnership with the SES had been extremely productive.

“In Ulladulla, the SES is more than just an emergency service, it’s a testament to the power of community spirit and volunteerism,” she said.

“We are proud to be a part of this incredible team, making a difference one sandbag, one truck, and one task at a time.”

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