Quality and Safeguards

We are committed to ensuring we deliver the highest quality services and supports.

The Disability Trust is committed to understanding and meeting the needs of people with disability, their families and supporters. Our aim is to deliver exceptional quality across the services and programs we provide.

We strive for continuous improvements and seek to find ways to do things better. We listen and respond to your feedback and set our expectations high. This is what you can expect from The Disability Trust.

Our quality framework is centred around these four key pillars

Person-Centred Services

We put you at the centre of everything we do.

Passionate and Committed Staff

We treat you respectfully at all times.

Participant Safety and Dignity

We provide support that is safe and protects you from harm.

Valued Feedback and Engagement

We encourage you to raise any concerns and you can expect a prompt response.

Safety and Support

Commitment to human rights

We are committed to the protection of human rights and upholding the principles of The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2008).

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The Disability Trust’s commitment to human rights extends to all people, in a world where the practice of human slavery is not tolerated. We are committed to lawful and ethical practices in our Modern Slavery Statement and extend this expectation to all suppliers and contractors we work with.

Modern Slavery Statement

Whistleblower protection

The Disability Trust recognises the rights of people to freely raise issues or concerns, and acknowledges there may be occasion where issues need to be dealt with in a way to protect the person’s identity and protect them from adverse consequences. Whistleblower protections are available to people to raise issues within the organisation or to external parties.

Person-centred practices

Our core belief is that the individual must be at the centre of all planning, decisions and service delivery. A focus on the person helps us to deliver exceptional services by learning what is important to a person and how to best support them.

Participant and DSW
NDIS Participant Southern Highlands


Being guided by participants in the design and delivery of the supports that they receive, The Disability Trust is committed to working with people towards outcomes, solutions, making things better and learning from each other. We aim to bring together lived experience, lived expertise and professional experience, to realise our vision for an inclusive world.

Performance culture

Embedding processes of “continuous improvement” creates an organisational culture focused on excellence and best practice. This results in enhanced quality of service delivery and effective utilisation of business systems.

Safeguarding and risk management

The Disability Trust upholds the human rights of the people we support whilst proactively managing risk to prevent, wherever possible, the occurrence of incidents or adverse events.

Service satisfaction

Participant satisfaction is the aim for everything we do at The Disability Trust. We want to know that a person’s experience with our service has resulted in a positive outcome or experience. It reminds us that everything we do must have the person and their experience as the focal point.

Support Worker with Client
Disability Support Worker


Compliance, encompassing policies, procedures, legislative and regulatory requirements ensure The Disability Trust fulfills our duty towards the community and our stakeholders. Our strong compliance focus means you can be confident in the operations of our organisation and trust that we are delivering on our values.

Research agenda

The research agenda at The Disability Trust identifies research priorities and provides clarity and guidance on the research activities that The Disability Trust will engage with. We recognise the importance of a solid evidence base and look for ways to contribute to this across the sector.

Indigenous Culture mark

The Disability Trust acknowledges the traditional custodians of the Country on which we provide services. We recognise the strength and intergenerational resilience of Elders and honour the culture and knowledge of community leaders past, present and emerging.

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