Margaret from the Bega Valley region.

Meet Margaret from Bega!

Meet Margaret from the Bega Valley region.

Margaret is one of our amazing participants who supports our recruitment process. Margaret is part of the panel for both individual and group interviews and helps the Employment & Engagement team choose the right people to join our team at The Disability Trust.

Margaret presents a photo board to candidates showcasing her likes, dislikes, and what she does during the week. This helps candidates get to know her and see how they can support Margaret as a Disability Support Worker. This is very beneficial to the interviewing process as we can see how candidates interact with Margaret – whether they ask her questions about her interests or are attentively listening. Following the interview, she also gives her opinion about the suitability of candidates.

Since being involved in the recruitment process, Margaret’s confidence has improved. She has developed public speaking skills and how to present to small and larger groups. She has learnt how to ask questions in an interview setting and what to look for in successful candidates. She is now learning how to invite candidates into the interview and introduce the panel members.

When we asked Margaret what she likes about helping with recruitment, she said that she likes choosing the right people to work with our participants and hearing what everyone has to say. Margaret appreciates that candidates like to listen to her story and ask her questions about what she likes to do. Margaret also lets us know that being on the interviewing panel makes her feel like part of a team, which she loves.

Margaret enjoys working with our Employment & Engagement team to bring the right people onboard and we are so glad to have her help.

Margaret would like to encourage other participants to have a go at interviewing because it is lots of fun and she really enjoys it. If any of our participants would like to get involved with interviewing, please reach out to our Recruitment Team via or (02) 4250 3310.

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