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Workskills helps Jon get employment closer to home

Sometimes it’s the little details that count. For Workskills employment consultant Judy, this was the attitude she took supporting Jon with his employment, helping him to secure work close to home and providing a friendly listening ear.

Jon, 33, is a client with Workskills Goulburn. He has a permanent part-time position with Joss Group where he works as a cleaner. Jon, who has an intellectual disability, does not have a licence to drive, so he used to travel by public transport to work in schools and TAFE in MossVale, Mittagong, and Bowral. This meant getting up at 2.30 am to catch a train to the Highlands from Goulburn every day to be able to work from 5am to 9am. He would then wait around the area, mostly at the Library, until he did the afternoon shift from 2-6pm. Jon did this five days a week, not getting back to Goulburn until 7pm every night.

When Workskills Employment Consultant Judy had a discussion with her client Jon about the length of his commute, he said he was happy to do it to have a job, but it was clear he was finding the long days tough. So Judy contacted his supervisor to see if he could be transferred to the Goulburn area. She also liaised with Joss Head Office in what turned out to be a lengthy process, as Jon was needed in the Mittagong area due to a staff shortage.

Eventually his employer arranged a transfer and Jon started work at the TAFE in Goulburn, close to where he lives. Jon was delighted. He doesn’t feel as tired anymore, and he works well with the other staff. Jon continued to contact Judy on a regular basis, as he just needed someone to be able to share his thoughts with on issues that came up. Once Jon had reached the milestone of a year in work, Worskills had a discussion with Jon who decided he would be happier with Ongoing Support, and an arrangement was put in place to maintain the relationship.

Jon continues to have regular contact with Judy either by phone or email whenever any issues arise.

Judy says, “Jon is really polite and hard-working. He’s also very considerate and would do anything for anyone. His area manager and supervisor at Joss think the world of him.”

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